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All inspections are performed only after an Inspection Agreement is signed.  If you decline to sign an Inspection Agreement when we arrive at the site, the inspection will not be performed.  You should review the Inspection Agreement prior to ordering an inspection and make sure that you agree with all of the Inspection Agreement's terms.  If you do not agree with the Inspection Agreement's terms, do not order an inspection.  To download inspections agreements, click here.

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  11. HEIMER and KRONGELB collects and uses email addresses of its clients and their representatives in its regular course of business.  If you choose not to provide us with your email address, we will still conduct business with you.  However, you can expect delivery of reports to take longer if you do not provide HEIMER with your email address.  HEIMER and KRONGELB retains the email addresses, and uses them to provide updates and general information to clients.  You have the opportunity to opt out of our email list at any time.  HEIMER and KRONGELB never shares the email addresses.  HEIMER and KRONGELB do not purchase email mailing lists.

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  16. The WEB SITE provides free general information.  However, the WEB SITE is not a substitute for an evaluation and professional opinion from a Licensed Professional Engineer or a Registered Architect.  Therefore, you are specifically prohibited from using any information at the WEB SITE as a basis for deciding on the purchase of a home, building, dwelling unit, condominium unit, or cooperative unit, to decide on a needed repair, to make an alteration to your property, to enter into any contract, to undertake any expense, or to make any commitment.

  17. Since the WEB SITE includes generalized areas of inspection or investigation, no real inspection includes everything that HEIMER and KRONGELB have included in the WEB SITE.  Just because something is listed in the WEB SITE does not oblige HEIMER or KRONGELB to check that particular item.  The Licensed Professional Engineer that performs the inspection will decide how to conduct the inspection based on the conditions at the site and the information provided at the time the order is placed.

  18. Nothing at the WEB SITE constitutes an offer.  Prior to performing an inspection, you will have to sign an agreement.  You can view a printable version of the agreement at www.heimer.com/go/agreements.html.  You will also find additional disclosures of limitations in the inspection report issued based on the inspection.  Prior to ordering the inspection, please review the appropriate contract by clicking on the appropriate hyperlink.  You should also ask your attorney to review the contract.  These contracts disclose the limitations of any inspection.

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  20. Notifications sent by Constant Contact, email, iPhone Apps, Android Apps, or any other means provide general information of interest to home and building owners.  These notifications are not necessarily applicable to your home or building.  Do not follow these recommendations unless you have verified that they are applicable to your home or building.  In addition, some of the recommendations should only be performed by contractors, technicians, or other experienced and qualified persons.  Do not follow any recommendation that includes personal risks unless you are qualified.

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  26. These TERMS OF USE can only be modified by a written consent agreement duly signed by persons authorized to sign it.

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Contact Heimer Engineering 24/7

Heimer Engineering New York pre-purchase home, building, condo, and co‑op inspectionsOur staff is happy to assist you and answer your questions.  To set up an appointment for a pre-purchase inspection, or to find out about other Engineering services or expert court testimony, click below for a contact form, send us an email, text us at 660 200 9155, or call 800.605.1500.  If no staff member is in the office, leave a message.  Remember to ask about our web discount.

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Heimer Engineering serves the Metro New York area, including New York City (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island), Long Island (Nassau County, Suffolk County), and Upstate New York (Rockland County, Putnam County, and Westchester County).

Heimer Engineering respects your privacy.  Some inspection firms share information with insurance, landscaping, snow removal, home maintenance, moving, cable, mortgage, and other companies.  Some inspection firms sell email lists of their clients.  These practices are unethical.  You will not receive phone calls or solicitation emails from third parties as a result of providing personal information.

In the event of a life-threatening emergency (fire, building in danger of collapse, facade with loose bricks, debris falling from a building, gas leak, carbon monoxide detector that is alerting to a hazard, etc.) do not call Heimer Engineering.  If there is a life-threatening emergency or other hazardous condition, call 911.  Emergency situations need to be handled immediately by first-responders who can evacuate buildings, contact appropriate utility companies to have the utilities shut off, and take other steps necessary to preserve life.

Heimer Engineering New York pre-purchase home, building, condo, and co‑op inspectionInspections are performed only after the client signs a pre-inspection agreement.  The use of this website is governed by our Terms of Use.  This website is made available for informational purposes, and does not represent a professional opinion of your particular situation.

→ Download a Pre-Inspection Agreement 

Heimer Engineering performs home inspections, building inspections, condominium inspections, and co-op inspections in the State of New York.  We do not perform inspections or recommend Inspectors or Engineers in the areas outside of the State of New York.  We also provide Licensed Professional Engineer consultation services including hurricane and storm damage and damage from adjoining constructionExpert witness services are provided regarding playground injuries, parking lot, walkway, and stairway slip, trip, and fall.

Statue of Liberty in New York HarborThe website was designed by Harold Krongelb.  Post design review was performed by Matthew John Rapisarda.  Sitemaps and indexing information can be found at Page Sitemap, Image Sitemap, and Video Sitemap.  Heimer Engineering's domains include www.heimer.com, www.expert-witness-ny.com, www.home-inspection-ny.com, www.professional-engineer.com, www.home-inspection-engineer.com, and www.professional-engineer.info.

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